Barn and Outdoor Wedding Venue

The grounds at The Pines are dotted with charming vintage buildings that make the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. We make every effort to ensure your day is as stress-free as possible.

  • Bridal parties have access to the venue beginning at noon the day before the event to allow plenty of time for setup, and until noon the day after the even to allow for clean up.
  • The Pines will help you with set up, clean up, direct parking, remove garbage, and will do whatever we can to ensure your big event is “eventless.”
  • We can help in any stage of the planning process and offer our list of local vendors to help make your event a success.
  • We have forty 8-ft banquet tables and 300 white chairs, which are included.
  • Our new Bridal House is available for the bridal party to use as their headquarters throughout the day’s festivities.
  • Our Bath House offers complete restroom facilities, with running water, so your guests won’t have to use out-houses or a Port-A-Potty.

The breathtaking wedding options at The Pines include:

  • Beautiful Outdoor Wooded Space
  • Stunning Lake Front Area
  • Inside the Barn – Capacity in barn is 350 people

Something Old, Something New…

There is something deeply satisfying about an intimate country wedding. Maybe it’s the rich history and the stories attached to the land, or the symbolism of marrying yesterday’s contented memories with the hope for peaceful tomorrows. Whatever it is that makes a rural barn setting such an enchanting place to say “I do,” it is now available to couples at The Pines, in the idyllic countryside near Pelican Rapids, Minnesota.

Something Borrowed…

The barn at The Pines was built on 1907 by the Arness family to house their dairy cattle, and later horses and turkeys. Its beams, hand-hewn timbers shaped by hand more than a century ago, were hauled in by horse from nearby Star Lake. For generations, the small granary inside the barn, which now houses the bar area, held each season’s harvest of threshed grain.


The property remained in the Arness family until we purchased it in 2009.  As we walked through the buildings on the farm site, each of them succumbing to the ravages of time, our feet stirred up the dust of memories of bygone days, when couples worked side-by-side to build their dreams. We decided there was too much history on this quiet farmstead, and far too many stories, to simply let them crumble and disappear into antiquity. So, we rolled up our sleeves and began the beautiful, arduous task of borrowing yesterday to build a future.

Something Blue…

The Pines wedding venue is remarkably versatile. With a few glamorous touches, the barn becomes a sparkling party palace; dressed in white, gold or silver, it is transformed into simple elegance; or left as is, natural and rustic, the setting’s natural charm and character come to life.


The Pines is a perfect place to share vows, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the country sky, simple and clean, yet altogether capable of holding our thoughts, our fears, our dreams. And what better place to celebrate the magic of your special day, than embraced by the stars in the midnight heavens, amidst nature, stunning views, wildlife, fresh air, and memories that span all time.

Begin by Sheltering Your Memories in The Pines

At The Pines in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota, your wedding day will be steeped in rich tradition, elegance and excitement, from which you’ll harvest a lifetime of memories. Contact us today to begin planning your dream wedding!